M | lunch


a super healthy & crazy tasty "power lunch" bowl loaded with healthy,

delicious ingredients - protein loaded grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts,

meats, cheeses & seeds.

-  revitalise & energise your body with these wholesome bowls.


daily power bowl                                                                                 78

-  see our menu board for our daily power bowl combination



summer produce plate (v)  a summery plate of beautiful

summer fruits, plum tomatoes, a chunk of ricotta cheese & honey           65


mediteranean veggies {v}  a bowl of seasonal roasted veggies

& homemade basil pesto                                                                      55



available on a banting wrap instead of bread   add  8


chicken livers  pan fried served with roasted onion & cream on your choice of bread       65

chicken & bacon  on sourdough with homemade basil pesto, aioli & rocket                      58

triple cheese  mature cheddar, emmenthaler, chevin goats cheese melted on

toasted sourdough & served with grilled tomatoes                                                          45

add  bacon  18



roasted veggies  seasonal combination of vegetables, baby leaves,

toasted seeds, hummus & MERAKI - made dressing                               60 | 65


caesar salad reworked  chicken, bacon, egg, cos lettuce,

flaxseed crackers, parmesan shavings & a light anchovy dressing          60 | 75

add  anchovy fillets 15


smoked mackerel  with roasted sweet potato, garden greens,

goats cheese, roasted red onion & toasted seeds                                 60 | 80


green salad  a simple bowl of fresh greens,

toasted pine nuts, parmesan & refreshing dressing                               60


caprese salad  handmade fior de latte, basil & fresh tomato                  68


fresh fig & parmesan  farm fresh figs, fresh greens,

toasted pine nuts, parmesan & a refreshing dressing                            70




served with your choice of skinny fries, sweet potato fries or kale chips


beer braised brisket  on a soft bun with tomato relish, homemade

pickles & fresh rocket served with skinny fries                                           75


chicken breast  on a soft bun with aioli, cucumber pickles,

tomato relish & rocket served with skinny fries                                          60


quinoa burger  crispy quinoa & chickpea MERAKI -made patty on a

soft bun, aioli, marinated brinjal & rocket served with sweet potato fries     75


pulled pork  & asian slaw on a soft bun with creme fraiche

& grilled pineapple                                                                                    68



skinny fries |  sweet potato fries|  kale chips                                           25

garden greens  with pine nuts & parmesan                                              30

pickles                                                                                                  18 



churros in cinnamon sugar, butterscotch sauce for dunking                      30

affagato  vanilla ice cream with a single or a double shot of espresso       30

ICE CREAM COMMUNITY the best ice cream in town                                25

-  select your flavour from the fridge under the counter


freshly baked pastries

-  we invite you to browse our pastry case stocked with a delectable array of buttery goodness.